Abe Seed - Alternative
Christian rapper Abe Seed released his EP "Alternative" on May 27, 2018. This project is about choosing one or the other: Jesus Christ, or the riches the world offers. The character in the cover represents your mind. It was inspired by Morpheus from the Matrix when he offered the Red Pill and the Blue Pill. You chose who/what to follow.
Christian rapper Lecrae dropped his album "All Things Work Together" on September 22, 2017. I was assigned in school to re-design my favorite artist's album cover. I was more than excited to jump ship! After re-listening to the album, I thought of a concept to re-imagine the album cover. The silhouette on the right is a person that has a lot going on. The person's head exploded in puzzle pieces, representing the thoughts, struggles, victories, all working together. The color scheme matches Lecrae's album cover's tone.

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I designed the cover art for a fiction Jazz group called The Copious Notes (TCN). Copious means: abundant in supply or quantity. TCN only sings C Notes (everybody and their mama can hit that note), but can play an arrangement of notes on their instruments! Their debut album "Hit & Miss" is an introduction to their unique gifts. The idea of the name came from the term "I hit that note" or "you missed that note." TCN can only hit C notes vocally, but musically, they can hit all notes. They may MISS all the notes verbally, but successfully HIT the right notes with their instruments.

29 (Reflections) is a personal design. The cover art reflects my life throughout the years, hence the old photo styled collage. The images are as followed: The middle picture is the men's ministry at my church, The Sanctuary Fellowship. The left picture of the middle one is my brother, Richard. Above it is my spiritual mentor, father-figure Derek. The bottom is my mother holding my brother and I. Right of that picture is my best friend Wisdom preparing a Shell Shock (wrestling fans will know what I'm talking about). He died in early 2020.  Above that picture is me posing with my 11Six hoodie. Above that picture is my mother. The left of my mother is me looking out to the sea.
Cover Art I did for Hip-Hop Artist ATTAM.
Unreleased cover art for a single I designed for ATTAM. Three different concepts for his unreleased single "Valley of the Shadow."

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